Saturday, 23 January 2016

Cameron Mackintosh: Mr Producer

Cameron Mackintosh is the cover star of FT Weekend magazine.

It features a very long interview about the business of show (literally, this is the Finacial Times).

We hear Cameron is turning 70 this year, and was recently declared a billionaire.

Just a passing mention of his young beau, the Austrian theatre photographer Michael Le Poer Trench, but my - don't they make a cute couple!


  1. His real name is Michael Trench he added the middle bit in the eighties don't you know

    1. In the Eighties? When he was born?

  2. When he was born??? How young do you think he is!? He was in his teens in the '80s. At least!!!

  3. There's a NY Times article about Miss Saigon from 1989 that has a photo credited to Trench. Either he's as old as he looks or he was a very precocious child.

  4. She used to work as a salesgirl in the theatre memorabilia shop in museum street in the eighties.

  5. He was the photographer of Macintosh's Les Miserbales original production at the Barbican in 85

  6. Nip and Tuck...the Musical.