Thursday, 7 January 2016

Going Viral: The Readers Are Revolting

The gay media love running viral videos like this.

They get hits out of someone else's work.

And it shows they're 'on-trend'!

Even if, like Pink News here, they're linking to something that's been on YouTube for nearly two months.

So what if it's puerile and unfunny (and suggests gay men think the female body is grotesque - and dat's why deyz gayz).

Readers love 'em!

Well, Pink News readers were certainly in rapture over this one.

'Goddamnit! No more! These "articles" are a cancer.' 'But good clickbait! They are however quite degrading to those involved, with an unfortunate degree of objectification' 'What's the next video? Gay man has sex with a women. Pink News really has turned into the Daily Mail (they run the same type of social experiments stories ' 'What is the point of stories like this?' 'Good grief! Really, what is the point of these ridiculous articles? It's not even comparable to the other article this week about lesbians touching penises. Just childish & pointless.' etc etc.


A few hours later, Pink News posted a mea culpa.

'Are you tired of videos featuring gays and lesbians ‘trying’ things for the first time...' etc.

Pink people power!

Or alternatively, like BuzzFeed LGBT, why not make your own totally spontaneous video where your own writers ask each other questions about bumsex?

With hilarious results!

Update: The Pink News reader who pointed out this is the sort of moronic trash the Daily Mail publish will enjoy Friday's Mail Online...


  1. I liked the headline of the one about lesbians putting dicks into their mouths--the lure of the headline being primly undercut by apostrophes for the penis-word because of course, the people who click on the story would be shocked at such a word.

  2. Surely the squishiness is variable, I think more tests are needed.

  3. Adorable! Are the editorial offices at PN staffed by rejects from Kids' Company nowadays?