Friday, 22 January 2016

Graham Norton: Dear

I’m an 18-year-old boy with a girlfriend – but I’ve fallen for an older boy. I’ve known I was bi for a while, but only recently told a couple of my closest female friends.

Telling them gave me the courage to put myself out a little more, and hence after a fair few “likes” on Instagram pictures a lad messaged me – albeit drunkenly. He picked me up the other day and we went to his place and, well… yeah.

He seems interested purely in the physical aspects, but I am developing feelings for him. I’m also feeling guilty and scared. He is my best mate’s older brother; not only that, my best mate’s girlfriend is my girlfriend’s best friend. I don’t think my mate could forgive me for sleeping with his brother and I worry that if he finds out, I’ll lose him – and all my other mates.

Daily Telegraph. 

Mr Norton's reply is rather good.

I would have told the boy to bang them both.

And nope, I can't quite figure out how he got be the Telegraph's agony aunt, either.

(And I'm pretty sure it's not ghosted).

PS That superimposed rainbow flag a-fluttering dough - LOL!

Edit: Graham Norton crowned chat show king in unscientific poll, Mirror.

Meanwhile in The Guardian...

Best line; 'Or am I just a victim of sod's law?'

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  1. Dear Graham,

    I'd really like to appear on your funny telly show to promote my new album and because you are so lovely to chat to.

    But the last time I did this you had a hand flapping meltdown such as the world has never seen and really, dear, get a grip for goodness sakes. SO embarrassing.

    I look forward to your fawning reply,

    Love, Diana Ross