Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hillary Clinton: Susan Says

“It’s one thing to be for gay rights and gay marriage once everybody else is for it. That’s not difficult."

Pink News.

Good to see the gay media is finally waking up to the fact that Hillary Clinton is a complete fraud.

But note even the Mail Online article this is taken from, is more radical...

Actress and progressive activist Susan Sarandon lent her star power to Bernie Sanders at an Iowa rally this evening, passing over Hillary Clinton a second time for the nation's top job.

A decider for Sarandon, who has known Sanders for more than two decades, was Clinton's 2002 vote for the Iraq War as a New York senator, a military conflict that Sanders did not support.

'That's where Hillary Clinton lost me,' she told in an exclusive interview, 'because there was plenty of information that even I had that said there was a real problem with the logic involved.'

Clinton went on to be secretary of state and has more experience in the foreign policy realm than Sanders, who has has focused his legislative career on fighting for economic justice.

'But what is experience without judgement,' Sarandon said tonight after a Sanders rally in northern Iowa. 'She's had a job but what has she done that we're bragging about. How has she led?'

Continuing the actress said of Clinton, once the nation's top diplomat, 'She's had that job, and he's had a job, too, and she went overseas, but what I'm saying is the biggest foreign decision that had to be made in terms of foreign policy was whether or not to go into Iraq and go into war, and she failed that test.'

'I'm sorry, but for me, you can't get a bigger decision than that and we've been paying the price ever since. And I think she has to be held accountable for that.'

In 2008 Sarandon got behind Barack Obama at a critical time in the primary. Now, she's hitting the trail for Sanders a week before Iowans cast their ballots - the start of the 2016 election.

'I've come here because for me gender is not what's important. Issues are what's important,' she said as she introduced the U.S. senator at tonight's event in Music Man Square in Mason City Iowa.

Her support for Sanders and the visit to Iowa on his behalf is more than just a response to Clinton's war record...

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