Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lord Bramall: Hear Hear!

Lord Bramall has reacted with soldierly fortitude to the hellish ordeal of a year-long investigation into an allegation of child abuse by the now infamous “Nick”.

He does not want an independent inquiry, he says, because such investigations cost too much public money and do very little good. Hear, hear!

Yet we already have the ongoing Lowell Goddard Inquiry into the handling of such allegations in the past and I can only repeat my view that it should be expanded to look at the present handling as well.

There has been much talk of celebrity witch-hunts but we should also remember that similar ordeals are suffered by innocent priests, teachers and other ordinary people. They may not attract headlines but the allegations will receive high local coverage and result in suspension from jobs for months or even years.

It is time for “Nick” to be identified and prosecuted. He is either malicious or mentally unstable but his getting clean away with his ludicrous allegations acts as an incentive to anybody vengeful enough, greedy enough or fantasist enough to make up falsehoods and wreck lives...

Ann Widdecombe leaps to the defence of Lord Bramall in her Express column.

Update: As did the Express's Stephen Pollard on Friday.

And here's an Indepedent editorial on the 'shameful case'.

Charles Moore in The Spectator on the 'demented allegations',

And Boris Johnson in the Sunday Telegraph.


Oh and her's Deborah Orr in Saturday's Guardian; If we changed our attitude to sex crimes, Lord Bramall would not need an apology.

Orr argues that the accused in sex abuse cases should be given immunity from being named.

Of course, but how workable could this be in an age of social media - and when the police leak identities of celebrity arrests to the police.

Spot the queen etc. Mail Online.

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