Friday, 29 January 2016

Pink News: Exclusively

Oh, I give up!

So tired of this endless shit...


  1. Don't ever take senna. Its just vile.

    Looked at pink news. It says that all of Floyd are old and crap and deffo not gay so give up now.

    Actually pretty vapid nonsense. I want to read something really trashy and kitsch about ordinary people like, idk "woman has largest collection of toothpicks ever seen and here they are".

    No, I want a website called "look at my amazing charity shop find."

  2. Looked at Floyd news. Says Roger is rather beautiful and a soft leftie idiot with too much time on her hands and I should get round there now to sort it out before he accidentally starts the flippin 60s again.

    For Pete's sake Rog get a grip will ya

  3. Just so you know- this is a targeted advertisement. I guess you have been searching for diarrhea or IBS related content. I guess because you spend so much time speaking out of it, your body needs to do a clear out!

    1. No. He confided in me that he has been searching for headache pills. Apparently moderating all these asshat comments can at times be awfully trying.