Wednesday, 17 February 2016

British LGBT Awards: Winners & Losers

Christ on a tricycle, where do you even start?

Categories include; Corporate Rising Star, Corporate Straight Ally, Inspirational Role Model, Celebrity Straight Ally, Global Icon and Brand/Marketing Campaign!

Sponsors include the Royal Air Force and the Telegraph!

Their 'main beneficiary' is the Peter Tatchell Foundation - an odd choice as their (his) accounts show they have a substantial cash surplus.

Still, I'm sure Saint Peter will redistribute the money to the needy of the parish.

You may recall the star guest at last year's event was... Katie Hopkins!

And hey, Meet The Judging Panel!

It doesn't tell you how much it costs to book a table, but safe to assume it's several thousands.

To attend a lavish exercise in LGBT utter pointlessness!

Well, obviously it has a point - to make lots of money for Square Peg Media.

PS The Independent reports on people being somewhat flummoxed and/or pissed off by the likes of Zayn and Zoella - whose contribution to gay life is close to fuck-all - being shortlisted... the Z list?

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  1. Oh yah it has a point, most Corporate Industry LGBT Fricken Fracken Suitfest lololol

    Get shining everything, especially your face. Im Just So Proud To Be Here On Account Of Accounts, Management Staplegun, The Facilitation of the Bankability of the Stationery Cupboard and All its Accruments..

    *frenzied manicure session on behalf of clapping*