Sunday, 21 February 2016

Gay MPs: Stiff Members

LGBT History Month is celebrated in February – and this photograph of 28 MPs and peers is a bit of history in itself, as it is the largest number of publicly out parliamentarians pictured together at one time, from a parliament with more gay members than any in the world...

Independent On Sunday, apropos of fuck all.

We've got the highest number of out gay crooks and liars in the world!

Wooh! etc.

The IoS provide a handy Who's Who guide.

Remember their names, come the revolution these motherfuckers will be the first against the wall.

PS There's also a collection of glib platitudes by Chris Bryant and David Mundell, Secretary Of State for Scotland, who came out a few weeks ago and is now an expert on all things gay.

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  1. Well THERES a bunch of people who know how to party.