Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Gender: Hey Young People!

Reports suggest millennials are questioning whether gender should be limited to the categories of male and female. Share your thoughts and experiences on this.

The Guardian online.

Oh, do fuck off.

PS It's actually 'sex'. 'Gender' is a Victorian euphemism taken from your actual French nouns.


  1. Man these crazy cats at the guardian are just so hip to the beat of the crazy new scene daddio.

    That's how young people talk. Last time we checked. In 1652.

    Verily and forsooth but yon prithee yonder buspass

  2. Thank goodness! Someone else, who's occasional lapses into lucidity come out as spun gold. :D x

    1. Apparently The Who were going to originally call themselves The What, Now ? But it was an administration nightmare.