Monday, 15 February 2016

Peter Tatchell: Ignorance

Yeah, how ignorant would you have to be wonder if Saint Peter might be a bit racist?

You'd have to be really ignorant to even suspect Peter Tatchell might possibly be racist!

What madness that would be! 

PS I really don't think you could say Saint Peter is "racist", cause this...

Note how Miss Modesty stands in front of the camera.

Oh Peter, you wild colonial child, and tireless defender of Empire!!!

It is politically banal and mendacious to talk about 'no-platforming', when Saint Peter of Tatchell is hogging the platform.


  1. Yes well never mind him, what about ME.

    I'm pretending to be an orc. Can I get in the paper for pretending to be an orc ?


    my orc shame. I'm racist towards gnomes. ORC FOR ORC POWER TOP SEEKS AXE WIELDING WARCRAFT PLAYING BEER DRINKING FANTASY ROLE PLAYING for much cape wearing wilderness fun humping against a tree, rawwwrrrr etc

  2. I pulled 200 people out of my arse and did a survey to determine which of them would sue me if I covered them in yoghurt and forced them to dance the macarena. 100 said yogurt is lovely in moderation and the rest ran away screaming. Should I be worried, I asked the postman ? Yes, he said, and delivered the 4 sachets of light blue fabric dye that I had been waiting for.

    Of course it was too late, as I want my sheets to be green now.