Monday, 15 February 2016

Peter Tatchell: You Don't Understand, It's All About Me

First they came for Peter Tatchell...

Many people have been talking about this for years, can Saint Peter explain why he only thought it became an issue this weekend?

Though presumably you'll now do your usual trick of claiming you started it?

Oh, and why did you sell this to the Telegraph?

Why did you take money for serving their left-bashing right-wing agenda?

PS For someone claiming to have been 'no-platformed', he's sure getting heard a heck of a lot right now - also on BBC News, Newsnight...

Edit: The open letter PT signed last year was, of course, about 'no platforming'. Apologies.

1 comment:

  1. Are you sure he isn't a robot ?

    "Let's spend the night together..
    Now I need you more than ever..
    To correctly interpret the vague selection of concepts that I waft about the place
    Instead of having a life with actual people in it..
    Let's spend the night together.. Now...
    No ? Well I want some evidence as to why not
    Yeh well F you too, pal :("