Friday, 19 February 2016

Ted Heath: Police Wasting Their Own Time

Residents of Wiltshire would be well advised to invest in new safety locks, high-tech alarms and alsatian dogs. Their constables are busy elsewhere.

As The Times discloses today, the county’s finest are going to be occupied for the next year or so working their way through 4,500 crates of the late Edward Heath’s private papers. This will be in an attempt to shed light on sexual offences allegedly committed by the former prime minister. The officers are determined to leave no stone (or piece of paper) unturned. Not only will they be embarking on industrial levels of research in the Bodleian Library, they will also be questioning people who crewed on his yacht, housekeepers, drivers, musicians and political aides.

One by one, claims against Heath have fallen apart as soon as they have been subjected to minimal scrutiny. Other forces have been tugged into this increasingly grotesque case. An allegation that Heath moored Morning Cloud off Jersey to use the yacht to abuse and murder local care home boys was quickly exposed as nonsense. It was a racing vessel that needed a three-man crew and had no private space.

It could of course be that the police have found a credible victim who can give substance to the many extravagant claims. They have, however, made no such public pronouncement. Most of the allegations, notably those stemming from testimony made by the informant “Nick”, seem to be built on foundations of fantasy. Instead the investigation is an opportunity for police grandstanding. Superintendent Sean Memory of Wiltshire police set the tone last year by addressing the public outside Heath’s former home.

Some forces seem to have suspended their power of judgment, such is their fear in the post-Savile era of being accused of a cover-up. It’s time they recovered a sense of proportion.

Times editorial. 

What the fuck is this meant to achieve?

Do you really think he would have donated some secret diaries about child rape and murder to Oxford?


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