Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Economist: Corporate Irresponsibilty

There will never be a way to hold businesses to account for standing by and not using their financial muscle to the utmost to fight for LGBT rights. However, governments can be held to account for violating their obligations under international law. The UN and other such organisations give us a mechanism. Governments have rules they are bound to follow, and the criminalisation of homosexuality violates all of them...

Big business has a role to play and I am grateful when it chooses to use its influence. But it is just that: a choice, dependent on the whims of those at the top. We can see already that the energy and efforts behind this cause vary by company, as some business leaders choose to make this their area of interest and others do not. It is a hobby for some and, although that is welcome, a voluntary hobby is not akin to the obligation that weighs upon states. Furthermore, states must be considered the duty-bearer in this case because they are the reason that these criminalising laws continue to exist...

Jonathan Cooper, chief executive of the Human Dignity Trust, contributing to The Economist's online conference, LGBT Rights And Business.

Most of it is completely baffling.

They're doing this next.

Wooh etc.


  1. What you quote isn't particularly baffling. It reads like part of a general call for businesses to be left alone and for all campaigning energies to be directed to the state.

    Fits nicely with the idea that businesses shouldn't be subject to anything that gets in the way of, or is even a mere add-on to, making profits.

    1. Part of the reason I printed the above was cause it was one of the bits that made sense. x

  2. "So we can see that businesses vary, because whaddaya know, people vary, and hence, one size does not fit all and hence, pineapple, pineapple, pineapple, loganberry, something to do with money, what we should do is gather all of the money into one big pile and spend it on rainbow streamers which can be used in place of business suits, I thankyou."