Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Cliff Richard: All My Trials

It was only the day after the raid that the enormity of the accusations against him hit home, and he simply lost the power to stand up straight.

‘That was the moment of my biggest despair. I just collapsed. I couldn’t imagine what depression was like, but I have an idea now. I felt as though I was in this hole and I had no means of getting out.

‘I didn’t know how I could face the future or face my friends or face my family. I was in tears, I have to admit.

I was on my knees in tears in the kitchen. I was thinking: “How can I get out of this? How can I ever climb out of this hole.” Somebody got me to my feet and said: “You’ve got to stand up, you are not guilty, hold your head up, you can do it.” ’

Last week, Cliff was in tears again, this time for rather different reasons. He had just heard the news that no charges would be brought against him. After a two-year police investigation, the Crown Prosecution Service had taken just a month to throw out all the allegations against him.

As flimsy as the ‘evidence’ was (‘There wasn’t any evidence. Not a single piece’), Cliff had feared that his Kafkaesque nightmare might end up with him behind bars. ‘I always knew I was innocent, but I always worried I would end up in prison. Or at least having to face a court.’

How did he react when he learned it was all over? ‘I sat on the edge of my bed and wept,’ he says, candidly. ‘I couldn’t help it with all the emotion pent up all that time.’ ...

Daily Mail.

Astounding, lengthy interview in the Daily Mail about Cliff's terrifying ordeal.

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