Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Orlando: Julia

Because I am a straight woman (and white and middle class to boot – oh, the shame of it!) that means I am simply not qualified to speak on anything affecting gay people. Or so I was informed by Owen Jones on Sky News when we were reviewing the newspapers late on Sunday night.

Owen, a Guardian columnist and political commentator who also happens to be gay, was, understandably, very upset and angry about the news from Orlando when he arrived in the green room.

We arrived on set chatting about how Owen had been badly scratched by his cat and then, just 12 minutes and six seconds later, Owen stormed off the set “in disgust”.

I have now watched the full exchange three times and I am still at a loss as to what Owen Jones found so disgusting. And, no, that’s not because I am ignorant or stupid or a bigoted homophobe, as Owen’s delightful Twitter followers seem to think, but because nothing was said that could remotely have caused such a scene...


Yes, Julia, the real reason Owen was angry was because he'd been scratched by his cat.

She also says he was 'tired and emotional' - a journalist's euphemism for drunk - and this caused his 'childish tantrum'.

Oh do piss off, you mad posh cow!

By a cruel irony the Telegraph is also running this comment piece today.

Update: You shouldn't have to be gay to have an opinion about the Orlando shooting, Jacob Furedi, Telegraph blog. On Owen's line; 'You just don't understand this because you're not gay.'

PS Fagburn wonders if any eagle-eyed viewers have seen any other gayers of note apart from Owen, commenting on Orlando in the last 24 hours.

The publicity-shy Peter Tatchell shamelessly tried to gatecrash his party yesterday.

He must be FEWMING it's not all about him for a change.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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  1. Having developed a loathing of Julia Hartley Brewer in recent weeks due to her numerous TV appearances promoting her bizarre right wing views, I actually began to think she might be nicer than I thought, as I watched the interview and she appeared to sympathise with Owen Jones' upset.

    Then she produced this wannabe Katie Hopkins piece. No mention of her saying in the Sky discussion that a gobby cow like her is just as much of a target for Muslim fanatics as the LGBT Community. The reason she is not qualified to speak on issues affecting gay people, is not because she is a straight woman, but because she can't see anything wrong in claiming that Orlando was not a homophobic attack but one on the freedom of people to enjoy a night out.

    At least Katie Hopkins is not homophobic. Boycott this mad posh cow and complain to any decent organisation that gives her air time.