Saturday, 25 June 2016

Pride London: Yeah, It's a Good Job No-One's Getting Hysterical


Pride London is called Pride London not London Pride as my mate Simon registered 'London Pride' as a domain name for the Lolz, on account of their thickitude by by not registering it. :)

He was subsequently sacked from Millivres ever diminishing gay porn empire.

As indeed we all were.

Please feel free to make wanker signs at any jolly coppers on parade, like at that Notting Hill Carnival.

They is so down with them gays and blacks!

When they're not shooting the blacks.

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  1. Loved the BBC News Channel coverage of Pride just now.
    Studio host: Now we are turning away from the EU debate for a moment and going over to London Pride...
    London Pride Reporter: With me are 4 young women who are going to discuss the referendum result ...