Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Lance Bass: Bachelors' Boy

First there was The Bachelor.

Then there was the Bachelorette.

Now a new reality show is going to cater to the gay male audience.

Yep, a gay Bachelor-style show is about to start airing in America.

Finding Prince Charming will see 13 gay guys compete for love.

The lads will reportedly live together in a massive LA mansion during the course of the show.

We have a feeling things will get a bit Geordie Shore and the contestants will start finding love with each other.

Furthermore, former *NSync crooner Lance Bass is highly tipped to be hosting the show.

The show will air on Logo, known for their wide representation of the LGBTIQ community...
Daily Star.
I can't not wait. 
PS A brief history of gay dating shows.

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