Friday, 29 July 2016

Vice: Gay Icon!

Any journalist who uses the moronic term 'gay icon' should have their fingers broken, lest they ever go near a keyboard again.

PS Please note Vice has illustrated this article with several black men - one of whom isn't actually gay - cos they is so down with them, bro.*

*Actually all written be whiteys.


  1. but. what about Lady Gaga.

    *eyes well up*

    why dont straight people have icons though. like that guy out of One Foot in the Grave.

    "i dont believe it."

  2. can i just say that since reading this latest post i have become 8% more gay.

    i am *trying* to listen to Motorhead if you dont mind.

    *frowns horribly*

  3. didnt read the article but i got the idea from the title that gay icons have changed somewhat since, say Judy Garland, so to provide a contrast with that maybe.

    idk what constitutes an icon, or a gay icon really.

    oh. according to the dictionary means "worthy as representative symbol" or something.