Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Church: Grindr

The Archbishop of Dublin has signalled that he wants to permanently remove all clerical students from the seminary system following anonymous allegations of gay sex and misconduct at St Patrick’s College in Maynooth.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin criticised the full-time training process yesterday and said that students studying for the priesthood were better off “outside the closed, strange world of seminaries”.

He said that while St Patrick’s had a proud tradition “we probably need a different way in the long run.”

He also criticised the “too comfortable” culture of the Co Kildare-based national seminary, in which “breakfast, lunch and dinner” are served to seminarians who have limited contact with other people...

He told RTE’s News At One that he would prefer clerical students to live “in the reality of Dublin life” while travelling to “Maynooth or elsewhere” to learn theology.

“I think a lot more structural reform would be needed,” he added, adding that he was concerned about allegations that some seminarians were using Grindr, a gay dating app. This was inappropriate for anyone preparing for celibate life, he said.

In May The Irish Catholic reported that allegations of a gay culture in the seminary were made in an anonymous letter to Irish bishops. The letter allegedly urged members of the Irish hierarchy to intervene as a matter of urgency to address the complaints made..

The Times. 

The reporting on this story is just a bunch of ex-public school boys sniggering - now on repeat on BBC Radio 4 - it fucking stinks of posh gay dread.

Men going on Grindr hah hah hah! etc.

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  1. "it fucking stinks of posh gay dread"

    It doesn't come across to me like that. If you'd said it reeks of posh gay reminiscence I might have thought it nearer the mark.