Sunday, 18 September 2016

Tim Farron: Respect My Rights To Be A Bigoted Twat

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has insisted critics need to respect his views as a Christian.

Mr Farron said he did not understand why some people found his continued refusal to say whether he believes gay sex is sinful a concern.

Asked if he understood why critics are irked by his repeated reluctance to clarify his stance, Mr Farron told the Press Association: "I think it's a peculiar one....:


  1. So not only Christians can't express their religious views on homosexuality they can't even hold those views privately.

    1. it seems to me that most Christians never stop expressing their views on homosexuality. That's all the CofE seems interested in. Never mind the naked greed, materialism, lack of compassion for refugees, the disabled, the unlucky and unfortunate.

      Oh and everyone is entitled to their private views. Tim Farron is perfectly entitled to keep his views to himself, just as we are entitled not to vote for him.

    2. I respect his right to keep his opinions private. Pity he does not do the same for Brexit and respect the democratic vote on that subject,