Monday, 31 May 2010

David Laws: Behind You

Several sympathetic articles on David Laws appeared today; Chris Bryant and Julian Glover in The Guardian, Iain Dale in The Daily Mail, and a rather moving piece by Matthew Parris in The Times (there was also a rather sniffy piece by The Independent's snooty house-fag, Philip Hensher).
All argue that it was his closetry that got him into this pickle.
I'm increasingly sympathetic to this point of view, and am willing to believe that this could just have been one of those fuck-ups that we all occasionally make that then spirals completely out of control.
Poor sod.

PS It's also worth noting how these days even The Daily Mail and The Times can call on regular contributors to write about a subject like this who are out gay men...


  1. The Daily Mail's house-fag Andrew Pierce argues that; "Most people don't care if their MP is gay or straight. It's fiddling expenses which is the vice that dare not speak its name."

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  2. Stonewall's Ben Summerskill also rehashed his Observer argument in The Daily Mirror - '2nd Home-ophobia' (Geddit?)