Sunday, 30 May 2010

Football: Cristianon Sequitur

To The News of the World's idiosyncratically spelt 'World Cup Spesh - Football Studs!' (Geddit?)
"OK, so there may not be 11 of them, but if Fabulous did footie, this lot would be on our team," it puffs in unashamed Glenda Slagg mode. "While your man’s glued to the World Cup, keep an eye out for these hotties."
Perhaps unsurprisingly the only one I've actually heard of is Cristiano Ronaldo.
Although "Football's golden boy is as famous for his body as he is for his ball control", I learn that the delicious Mr Ronaldo is not without his faults; "The midfielder is vain, he's mahogany and he loves wearing necklaces with his swimming trunks. Small wonder he's a gay icon."

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  1. The most sympathetic piece came from Matthew Parris in The Times.

    It urges empathy with his closetry - and how difficult it can be to get out of it - but doesn't really explain how this justifies his expenses scammery...