Thursday, 27 May 2010

Asylum: How The Straight Press Works Part 336

In a screaming headline The Independent On Sunday reports that; "Virtually all gay asylum-seekers sent back to persecution."
The Sindy claim that according to a new report from The UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG), Failing The Grade; "98 per cent of gay asylum-seekers fleeing persecution for their sexuality are returned home to a likely fate of death or persecution."
Which would be terrible - if it were true.
In a statement to Diva magazine UKLGIG point out that; "To say that 'virtually all gay asylum seekers are sent back to persecution' is absolutely untrue and damages the considerable reputation of UKLGIG and the support that we give asylum seekers in those courts."
The campaigning group add; "Not only does such reporting damage the credibility of organisations that support LGBT asylum seekers, perhaps more importantly, it creates a climate of fear for those currently going through the process and for those who are thinking about claiming asylum – keeping them illegal and in danger of exploitation and destitution."
So - technically - the newspaper article was 98% bollocks.
Well done the Sindy!

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