Wednesday, 30 June 2010

"Gayjacking": To Coin a Phrase

"One of the things that is infuriating to trans people is the 'gayjacking' of our lives and our stories in order to serve your agenda.
From the ultimate gayjacking of the Stonewall Rebellion to falsely characterizing relationships that transwomen are involved in as same-gender ones, it is a persistent pattern of GL peeps, the gayosphere and the Gay Media that continues to piss us off.
Hot on the heels of the misgendering and mischaracterization of the Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza relationship in Malawi as a 'same-sex' one by the gay and straight media, now comes the story out of Pakistan that an attempted marriage to a transwoman was broken up by Pakistani police..."

- TransGriot, "A proud African-American transwoman", on her blog. 'Chill With The 'Gayjacking' Of Trans Lives For Your Gay Agenda'

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  1. Yeah gays and lesbians should know it immoral to associate trans issue with their issues or lumping trans issues with theirs. We don't have anything in common and its disrespectful. Let transgender people carry their own cross and the gays theirs. Gays need to stop putting trans folks in problems to hype their agenda.