Monday, 14 June 2010

Alan Bennett: Gordon Bennett!

A trip to that London gives Fagburn a chance to catch up with The Evening Standard.
Much of the paper is given over to business news and sport, though this may be in part because it's a Monday and there's a World Cup on.
One local news item caught my eye; "Alan Bennett robbed of £1,500 by thieves armed with ice cream." (Which appears in a slightly different form on their website.)
It seems "the 76-year-old who lives in Camden with his long-term partner, Rupert Thomas, 43, editor of World of Interiors magazine" was the victim of a "distraction robbery" in his local M&S after withdrawing £1,500 from his bank.
Sadly we do not learn what Mr Bennett needed £1,500 in cash for. The mind boggles...

1 comment:

  1. The money was to pay builders. So now you no longer need not be sad over this detail!