Sunday, 11 July 2010

Peter Mandelson: Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

You might think that as it's Silly Season it would be pretty much open season for the newspapers to fill their pages by printing even more nonsense about "the gays" than usual.
Not today, at any rate.
There's rather a lot about that chap with clear anger-management issues who blew his head off somewhere in the North, and lots about that footyball cup final thingy which is tonight, apparently.
As for anything remotely gay, "remotely" is the word; Grace Jones wore a funny hat at something or other, Cristiano Ronaldo has painted his toenails black, an 18 year-old boy wants to have a sex change so he can look more like Jordan (bless etc etc)...
Of course there is this big bubbling-under story/speculation about what Peter Mandelson is going to reveal in his steamy memoirs, which are being serialised in The Times next week.
These could be summarised as; no-one has the foggiest idea.
Fagburn was however rather taken with the Daley cartoon pictured above, from The Sunday Telegraph.
I like the way it hints at a Blair/Brown/Mandy bizarre psychic love triangle.
But moreover, it's so fantastically badly drawn that the cartoonist has had to caption it so people will realise it's meant to be Peter Mandelson.
A bit like those kids' drawings you see stuck to fridges, where Little Darren has scrawled madly in crayon on a bit of paper - and someone has helpfully added an arrow pointing to it and the caption "dog".

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