Saturday, 24 July 2010

Channel Five: OK! TV + Gay TV?

Oh dear.
Richard Desmond has bought Channel Five for £103million.
"Dirty Des" is the (almost) billionaire publisher whose Northern and Shell company owns OK! magazine, and the frequently homophobic rags The Daily Express and The Daily Star.
Investigative journalist, Tom Bower (the author of an as yet unpublished biography of Desmond), is not alone in believing Desmond's past business dealings make him "unsuitable to own a TV channel."
Desmond will be asked to appear before parliament's Culture, Media and Sport Committee to explain his plans for the channel - rumour has it that it may be filled with celebrity tittle-tattle, a sort of OK! TV.
He has promised Channel Five "will not go downmarket", and said he's trying to buy in some big broadcasting brands; "We are talking to the Big Brother people, we're talking to the Coronation Street people, we're talking to Simon Cowell..."
And he's pledged to keep Five's chair and CEO, Dawn Airey - who's often dubbed "the most powerful lesbian in the media".
He also hinted that Katie Price might front a show or two.
Oh dear.
But this OK! TV could also be a little bit gay.
Richard Desmond is a businessman who didn't get where he is today by being averse to making money out of us mos.
Northern and Shell began publishing Attitude magazine back in 1994 - it's a matter of debate when NS finally cut its ties with the magazine, possibly only two or three years ago.
He also owns a lot of highly lucrative pay-to-view porn TV channels, including Gay TV.
Last year Gay TV were found by Ofcom to have breached broadcasting rules by screening free-to-view on air promotions (those ads you see for adult channels when you're channel hopping) in which - and I quote from the Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin - "Some of the male presenters spoke to camera fully naked with their genitals in full view and on occasion in close up. Brief but non-explicit sequences of sexual activity, where genitals were frequently and clearly visible, were also shown and on occasions the genitals were being handled. In addition, some explicit sexual language was used by the presenters. Examples included: I’m aching to show you all the big dicks we have…getting hard for you tonight… we will be unloading our balls all over big hot studs… it’s explicit sucking and fucking action… these boys are fresh and their cocks are throbbing to get some tight arse... it’s all about cock so come in and get some tonight… cock after cock after cock, giving and taking it until everyone blows their load."
Ofcom didn't let this little breach stand in the way of them giving Mr Desmond the green light to take over Channel Five.

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