Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tim Teeman: A Class Apart

A textbook piece of gay snobbery by Tim Teeman in The Times today, No Cause For Pride.
Many years ago a young Mr Teeman was editor of The Pink Paper, colleagues found him so hilariously posh he reminded them of a character from an Enid Blyton book.
Hence his nickname "Timmy Teacakes".
He's recently witnessed Pride in his new home, New York.
And guess what?
That's right - it's just not like it was in the old days.
"Well, New York Pride was colourful, loud and smiley, but as ruthlessly corporate as a careers fair. People whistled, boogied on floats, waved rainbow flags but to what end? To fight for our right to dance to house music in the streets? Its witless hedonism was a thousand depressing miles from the Stonewall riots. We’re quick to blame bigots for obstructing gay rights, but what of those gays who, lulled by token characters in soaps and other glimmers of change, rolled over and went shopping? They tut and kvetch about nasty rightwingers, but ignore a sadder truth — gays have willingly overseen the removal of pride from Pride."
Like I said, it's a textbook example of the sort of toffee-nosed pseudo-radicalism peddled by Tim and his fellow ex-public school boys from the "anti-gay" brigade.
What side do you think someone like Timmy Teacakes would have actually been on during the Stonewall Riots?
When he says he thinks Pride's got "corporate" (as opposed to that well known workers' co-operative Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation), he means he thinks it's got terribly commercial, but then it's all so horribly brash and vulgar and common anyway.
But what do you expect? It's full of ordinary gay men, and Tim thinks they're their own worst enemy.
Well, they're are all so "witless", aren't they?
Just look at the silly buggers, too busy tutting and whistling and blaming "nasty" right-wingers and trying to have fun.
Fun? Yuk!

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