Friday, 23 July 2010

A Date with John Waters

There's a very enthusiastic book review of John Water's Role Models - perhaps surprisingly - in The Daily Telegraph today.
It's written by Tom Shone, a British journalist who's now quite a big fish in the Big Apple, and a novelist of some note.
The Telegraph clearly have a lot of time - and space - for Tom Shone.
They've also given him quite a wide berth - some of his review might make an old colonel choke on his kedgeree.
He eulogises at length about the divine Mr Waters and his role models; Tennessee Williams, Jayne Mansfield, Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo, Little Richard, and the Manson murderer Leslie Van Houten.
He even gets to drop lines like this one about the Mexican porn director Bobby Garcia, "a man who has blown hundreds and hundreds of really cute marines and lived to tell about it."
Which isn't the sort of thing you read most days in The Telegraph.
Role Models has just been published in the States.
Before they decided to run Tom Shone's glowing review the Telegraph might have wanted to check its UK publication date, which they say coyly at the end "will be published in Britain by Beautiful Books later this year."
Quite a bit later.
It's currently pencilled in for December 2010.
Can't wait.

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