Friday, 23 July 2010

Gaydar: Do I Live In A Gaybourhood?

Seeing as Fagburn hasn't figured out how to break through The Times paywall yet, he may never know.

EDIT: I caved in!
And I found out I live in the second gayest Gaybourhood in the UK!
"Few pushchairs? Check. Great coffee bars? Check. A gay website has given Britain a breakdown of sexual orientations by postcode..."
"A new book is the first to “out” the UK’s gayest postcodes. They are BN1, BN2, SE1, E14 and SE11. That’s Brighton Central, Brighton Kemptown and the London boroughs of Vauxhall, Limehouse and Kennington. Of course, we had our suspicions — they were just that bit too lively, perhaps. Not the sort of places in which you could see yourself settling down. But now we know for sure, according to research published in The Big Book of Gaydar..."
The article is most concerned about how being a Gaybourhood can have a positive effect on house prices - "House prices in BN1 and BN2 have risen by 10 per cent in the past five years, compared with 5 per cent nationally, according to" - mainly because all the Gaydar data can tell us is where their users are most heavily concentrated.
Fagburn's favourite reader comment; "What is the point of this article? The writer seems to assume that all 'gay' people waste their time on 'gaydar' and has drawn his conclusions from that. He should realise that all gay people are not bar-hopping, club-hopping, ghetto-living, sex-encounter obsessed, screaming clones. The vast majority of 'gays' are more discreet (not ashamed) ordinary blokes... I hope your readers are not misled into thinking that the only aspect of 'gay' peoples lives that is important to them is their sexual orientation. Most of the 'gay' people I know would avoid like the plague the likes of the writer of this article."
Maybe that was written by Andrew Pierce?

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