Saturday, 24 July 2010

Gay Priests Scandal: Full Story and Pics!!!!

Here is a link to the story, 'Le notti brave dei preti gay', ('The wild nights of the gay priests', I think) in the Italian magazine, Panorama, about the "double life" of gay priests in Rome.
Yes, the bizarro picture above is used on the magazine's front cover.
Can you believe it? Some Catholic clergy are gay!
And some of them go to gay bars and clubs and have sex!!!!
There are lots of undercover photos, and bits of video which you can watch and then pretend to be surprised - nay, shocked and scandalised!!!
The text is in Italian (obviously), but let's not pretend that most people are really only interested in the saucy pics.
If you are a words kinda person, I've posted a Google translation in the comments beneath this post.
Panorama is owned by that paragon of Christian virtue, the completely uncontroversial Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, by the way.


  1. With a hidden camera investigation, followed by painstaking and thorough inspection. For twenty days Carmelo Abbate, Panorama journalist, accompanied by an "accomplice" gay, has infiltrated the evenings some good priests, in Rome, leading an amazing double life: by day are priests in clerical garb; night, transmitted his habit, men are perfectly integrated into the gay circles of the capital. What came out is that the field investigation has uncovered a really unusual and somewhat disturbing: priests attending night parties with escort men who have sex with casual partners, who attend gay chat.
    Panorama has discovered numerous cases and has told three in particular: that of Paul, to Charles and that of Luke (the names are fictional to protect the identity of priests).
    The first, on a French 35 years, met the Panorama reporter Friday, July 2, a gay party in a local neighborhood of Testaccio. In the evening, which included - paid - two escort men who danced naked with the priest and other guests (then practicing gay sex with some of them), Charles was also the second priest, who is aged between 45 and 50.
    The night ends at the home of Paul, where the accomplice gay Panorama reporter first asked the priest to wear the cassock and then has intercourse with him, filmed by hidden camera.
    The next night, Paul and Charles have come to the Panorama reporter and his accomplice to the Gay Village in Rome, showing that you are comfortable in that environment. On this occasion Charles was absent several times claiming that it had to do to avoid meeting those who had recognized as other priests or catechists. The evening ended with the same end of the previous year. The next day, Sunday, July 4, Paul celebrated mass on a table in your home, in the presence of the Panorama reporter and his accomplice...

  2. Panorama has verified that Paul is actually a priest. With Charles, however, the meeting was held in a restaurant in central Rome, normally frequented by gays. Charles pointed out a couple of men at another table, arguing that one of them was a priest and that they were "engaged." According to him, the place is usually frequented by many gay clergy.
    Charles also claimed that at least 98 per cent of the priests he knows is gay, but added that in the Church today there is a part "intransigent" that tries not to look at reality, and another part "evangelical ', which instead recognizes and accepts the phenomenon of homosexual priests. After lunch, Charles led the accomplice of Panorama in his apartment, which is connected to a big church structure, and had sexual intercourse with him, this one taken by hidden camera.
    The reporter Charles Panorama has filmed while celebrating mass in a church not far from his apartment.