Friday, 9 July 2010

Julie Burchill: Oh Julie

Julie Burchill started her new column for The Independent this week.
Surprisingly Julie Burchill kicked off by writing about Julie Burchill; 'Living with someone like me will make you like someone like me... eventually.'
She manages to cram in all the old-favourites; her loathsome ex-husbands, her lovely new husband, how she lives in Brighton and she loves it, she took a lot of coke in the 80s, and she's still quite the hell-raiser...
But uncharacteristically Burchill signs off by writing that she hopes Independent readers and her can make up and be fwiends.
"Though you and I probably will have to agree to disagree on some issues (Israel, Iraq, Islamism), I really hope that you will give me a hearing. I know I've said some brash, rash and reckless things over the years, but then I've been a hack since I was 17 and I'm 51 now, so it would be a wonder if I hadn't. Hopefully, with your indulgence, I can grow up a bit while I'm here. Failing that, I hope we can at least have a bit of fun."
We can?
The race is on - how many weeks do you think it'll be before Julie Burchill gets up to her old tricks and says something really stupid and homophobic?
Tick tick tick tick...

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