Friday, 16 July 2010

Frank Skinner: Our Frank

Over the last two weeks Fagburn has been trying to figure out a way to break through The Times' new paywall so I don't have to give Rupert Murdoch any money.
Even paying for the special introductory offer of one month for £1 seems wrong.
At the time of typing, sadly it's still to no avail.
Which means there could be a bit of a gap in Fagburn's highly praised to the very heavens media coverage.
I found out this morning that their columnist, Frank Skinner, had turned around 1,000 well-paid words on Grindr - the shagtastic newish mobile phone app for gay men that enables them to locate other gay men on the look for nook.
As I've written before on here, Grindr must be a columnist's dream app. It allows them to write an old-fashioned "the twilight world of the homosexual" article, while pretending to be thoroughly modern.
Fagburn has a lot of time for Mr Skinner - he's a massive fan of The Fall after all.
Despite his laddish Loaded poster boy public image, Catholicism and tiresome football fetish, he's far from being a boring old neurotically heterosexual "bloke" - a working class Brummie version of Jeremy Clarkson, he most definitely ain't.
But what does our Frank have to say about that there Grindr thing?
I had to ask a friend to send me a summary.
"He's heard of a new iPhone application called Grindr, where gay men meet for shags. And he's also heard there is going to be one for heterosexual people. He thinks the one for gay people will probably be better. He envies gay people. That doesn't mean he's a poof, but gay people somehow seem more enlightened whereas straight people sometimes don't. Gay hotels sound good, too. If only there could be a straight hotel - but there can't be, because straight people aren't that enlightened. Three immensely boring paragraphs follow. He shagged a lot of women when he was younger. Blah blah blah. He tries to come up with some funny suggestions for what the hetero equivalent of Grindr will be called. Surely that must be a thousand words by now. Come to think of it, women are more enlightened than straight men, too. Gosh we are crap. And a bit sad and lonely too. Can I get paid now?"
I went and read it in the supermarket a bit later - I always try and check my sources - and this seems like a fair account.
It was nice to see a straight man admitting to being jealous of how free and easy gay men seem about uncomplicated sex with strangers ("What's not to like"), even if most gay men will tell you this is a bit of a myth.
It's thought that Mr Skinner gets paid around £5 a word for his column.
Reading it would have cost you £1 - but you got this from me for free.

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