Thursday, 29 July 2010

Pink News: Pink Press Threat!

Pink News founder Benjamin Cohen talks to Press Gazette about the future of the gay news website.
He says it has only one full-time staff member - which was pretty obvious - costs £30,000 a year to run, and makes "a tidy profit".
"Pink News will face a series of changes in the next six months, Cohen says, which will include a relaunch and could involve a change to the ownership structure.
"Cohen says he had just begun “exploring the market” and considering a range of options for the development of Pink News; including selling the site, raising capital to buy another publication or a merger."
Fagburn offers Pink News some business advice for free, gratis - Pink News has become a joke, so concentrate on making it better, a lot better.
Stop insulting your readers; write and run actual news stories, not reprinted press releases and wire stories.
It's not rocket lettuce.

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