Monday, 19 July 2010

Conservatives: Silver Screen Shower Scene

Fagburn has ConservativeHome to thank for this story; "Tories ditched £300,000 election ads that included gay shower scene"
They say it comes from yesterday's (paywalled) Sunday Times.
ConservativeHome say; "The Sunday Times reports that CCHQ [Conservative Party Head Quarters] commissioned and paid for a party election broadcast that portrayed people 'coming out' as Conservatives.
"One of the suppressed films that have now emerged shows naked men grappling in a shower, while another depicts a teenager being caught reading what at first appears to be a top shelf magazine. The third unshown ad makes light of teenage sex, portraying a girl confessing to her parents: “I am three months Conservative.”
According to The Sunday Times; "The most controversial of the films, which plays on the idea of gays “coming out”, features two good-looking young men standing in a shower.
"One says: “It feels so right. I am going to tell everyone.” The second puts a hand to his friend’s mouth as part of what looks like an embrace and replies: “I think I am too.”
"The camera then pans back to reveal the men’s teammates looking on in horror, before the Tory slogan is finally revealed."
The ads were due to be shown in cinemas during the general election campaign.
The Sunday Times quotes an anonymous party insider who said the ads were dropped for fear they "might have alienated more traditional core supporters."
But CH begs to differ; "My understanding is a little different. Senior Tories felt that the ads commissioned by Steve Hilton were at best out-of-date and at worst self-loathing. The opponents of the ad campaign felt that the 'decontamination phase' had gone on far too long and we needed to give people positive reasons for voting David Cameron and not to give people a new opportunity to think of Conservatives as the 'nasty party'."
Does this mean they thought the ads just wouldn't wash?

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