Monday, 26 July 2010

Drugs Survey: Thanks For Nothing

You can read the loudly trumpeted UK Drug Policy Commission's report, The Impact of Drugs on Different Minority Groups: A Review of the UK Literature, here.
Who the UKDPC are is explained on their website.
Exactly what the point of the Commission is - besides putting out pointless but costly reports - is unclear.
'Part 2: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) groups' takes 98 pages to say nothing new.
Its main findings are:

"Illicit drug use among LGBT groups is higher than among their heterosexual counterparts, especially among gay men.
'Recreational' drug use is comparatively high among LGBT groups, so they may use new drugs and experience associated problems before they are widespread in the general population.
LGBT people may be at risk of misusing other groups, such as steroids and Viagra.
Use of some types of drugs may be associated with risky behaviour, including exposure to HIV infection.
The focus on heroin and crack cocaine in the drug strategy means that the drug problems of LGBT groups may not be adequately addressed by current services.
Local partnerships and commissioners need to identify the specific needs of LGBT groups in their future plans...
Services for LGBT people need to be developed in a range of mainstream drug service settings to reach those with drug problems.
The introduction of a kite-mark system for services demonstrating good practice could promote confidence in drug services amongst LGBT groups.
Different approaches to prevention, perhaps focussing on community venues, networks and resources, such as internet sites, using of innovative social media approaches may be more effective at changing drug use behaviour among LGBT groups."

So, in conclusion, they found "'recreational' drug use is comparatively high among LGBT groups" and "[drug] services for LGBT people need to be developed" - maybe they could have a 'kite-mark' and put stuff on that new-fangled internet.
How unbelievably fucking hopeless.
This report cost £34,362.

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