Monday, 26 July 2010

Israel: That Tel Aviv Gay Vibe!

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz notes that August 1st is the first anniversary of the shooting at a Tel Aviv gay youth centre that left two people dead and 15 others injured.
The killer has not been caught, but many gay Israelis believe it was an anti-gay hate crime.
What a great time to launch a gay tourism drive for the Israeli capital.
"With an investment of NIS 340 million (about $88.1 million) [sic - see comments], an international marketing campaign is being launched to brand Tel Aviv as an international gay vacation destination. The campaign will be run in England and Germany, two locations with considerable gay and lesbian communities", reports Israel YNet News.
The catchy and alluring campaign slogan is; "Tel Aviv Gay Vibe".
"Rising from the golden shores of the Mediterranean, stands one of the most intriguing and exciting new gay capitals of the world – TEL AVIV.
"This dashing piece of gay heaven holds within the perfect combination for a perfect vacation for men and women: gorgeous guys dancing at the hottest clubs, stunningly beautiful women enjoying our pure shores, modern and contemporary art galleries, cutting-edge fashion, local AND international cuisine, history-filled streets hosting the latest urban chic and amazing sunsets, only welcoming a night to remember, in the city that never sleeps.
"With its perfect weather, Tel Aviv invites you to have fun, be free and feel fabulous!"
You couldn't make it up...

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  1. I think the campaign's costs quoted by Israel News must be a mistake and/or typo..