Saturday, 24 July 2010

MediaGuardian 100: Brûlé Gets His Fingers Burnt

Every year The Guardian compiles the MediaGuardian 100, their "annual guide to the most powerful people in television, radio, newspapers, magazines, digital media, media business, advertising, marketing and PR".
Perhaps surprisingly - as we are often told how gay-friendly and homocentric medialand is - there weren't that many out lesbians and gay men in this year's poll, published on Monday.
Fagburn was only sure about The National Theatre's Nicholas Hytner (39), Stephen Fry (64), Five's Dawn Airey (85), Lord Alli (88), and Glee's Jane Lynch (99).
Lots of media types would have been fuming at being left out - Fagburn was absolutely livid!
But MediaGuardian held out one last hope for us all - inviting readers to say who they thought should be the 101st person on the media power list.
Initially, MediaGuardian's Organ Grinder reported, Doctor Who's "showrunner" Stephen Moffat was leading handsomely.
"But Monocle founder and former Wallpaper editor Tyler Brûlé took the honours at the 11th hour after he received 160 votes in a 30-minute period just before the poll closed yesterday. Congratulations, Tyler! Or was it?
"An investigation revealed that Brulé's 160 last-minute votes were all cast from a single internet address. And the IP address corresponded to ... the London headquarters of Brûlé's publishing group, Winkreative."
MediaGuardian then had to ask its readers another question about this high powered homo; "Should Tyler Brûlé get his just deserts after MediaGuardian 100 vote scandal?"

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