Sunday, 1 August 2010

Joe McElderry: Born Yesterday

I don't think it's any exaggeration to say that a certain "wellwisher tt" spoke for the entire world with this post left on The News of The World messageboards earlier today.
"Joe Mcelderry for me is the greatest male pop vocalist this country has produced certainly within a generation, probably in my lifetime. His humility , wonderful personality and disposition has won for him world wide admiration. He has now added incredible bravery to the list of his astonishing attributes. He has silenced the army of spiteful and mean spirited people who have forced him to reveal what is a purely a private aspect of his life.
"Now perhaps he and the his millions of supporters can concentrate on Joe the incredible artist whose forthcoming album is set, in my opinion to become a landmark recording which will demonstrate just how good an album can be if the will is there. Go Joe, you can do it!!!!"
You think that's just a little bit over the top?
No more so than The Independent On Sunday declaring Joe McElderry - who "always insisted he was straight but came out only yesterday, though the suspicion is that the decision was forced on him" - to be the 100th most influential gay man or lesbian in the country.
Well done, Joe!
So brave...

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