Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Independent: 'A Government of straight, white, privately educated men'

'Sean O'Grady finds an absence of diversity in the 119 people now running the country.'
"Overall, two-thirds of ministers were educated partly or entirely outside the mainstream state school system, and one in five went to one of the old established top public schools.
"Also, in stark contrast to the reality of life outside Westminster and Whitehall, there are no black members of the British government, and only three Asians and two openly gay men..."
The Independent doesn't name them, but presume they mean Alan Duncan and Nick Herbert, both Conservatives (pictured above centre and left with some bloke from Anglian Water).
There are no out gay LIberal Democrats in the cabinet, although David Laws was conceivably out for a millisecond between being outed by The Daily Telegraph and resigning as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

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