Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Tomasz Schafernaker: Weathering A Storm In a Teacup

You know how when English people have run out of interesting or important things to say, the default mode is to talk about the weather?
In almost all the newspapers' "most viewed" items today has been; "BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker caught giving colleague obscene finger gesture live on TV" (Daily Mirror - you can watch this truly momentous TV moment here).
Apropos of something The Mirror also slipped in the fascinating fact; "In January, Schafernaker appeared bare-chested in UK gay mag Attitude."
As did The Sun; "Early this year Tomasz caused controversy when he posed without his top on for the cover of Active - a supplement in gay magazine, Attitude."
Jeez, it must be so annoying for the tabloids when they want to say someone's gay, but they're not 100% sure if they're actually out.
Fagburn thinks only The Daily Mail even bothered to pretend anyone was actually bothered by the Attitude shoot at the time; "BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker shocks bosses after posing in gay magazine in skimpy shorts."
Attitude gave their fitness feature a wink-winking coverline; 'BBC Weatherman Reveals His Stunning Secret.'
No, he didn't reveal the "stunning secret" one might have expected in Attitude.
Though Tomasz was quoted as saying; “I get into trouble at times, but the producers are forgiving.”
Fagburn hopes so - would this weather man have been such big news if we weren't right at the height of the silly season?

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