Monday, 13 September 2010

Breaking News: Bryant & Paddick Charge Met Over Phone Hacking

"A lawsuit alleging a police cover-up of phone hacking has been launched by one of Scotland Yard's own former senior officers, Brian Paddick [above], together with the former Labour minister Chris Bryant," The Guardian reports this evening.
"The claim for judicial review accuses Assistant Met commissioner John Yates of making misleading statements to parliament and the public, and the police of failing to carry out a proper investigation."
Interesting that the action should be led by two drama queens gay men...
We saw Chris Bryant overboil - quite understandably - over phone hacking live on Sky TV on Thursday.
Presenter Kay Burley's ludicrous performance clearly had nothing to do with both Sky News and the News of The World being owned by Rupert Murdoch.
According to the statement quoted in The Guardian, Paddick "feared interception after a tabloid story emerged that he had bought his partner an expensive watch while on holiday in Sydney. He had not told anyone apart from his partner about the purchase, but had to speak to the bank on his mobile phone ... to allow the bar on his credit card to be lifted."
"Subsequently, another tabloid discovered Paddick's then partner was on a particular transatlantic flight, and was able to accost him: 'The inference must be that private information was obtained.'"
The full story thus far is on The Guardian's website here.

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