Saturday, 11 September 2010

Chris Bryant vs Kay Burley: "You seem to be a bit dim..."

Poor old Chris Bryant.
He could single-handedly pay off the national debt and bring peace to the Middle East, and the news story would still begin; "Chris Bryant, the Labour MP who once posted a photo himself on the gay dating website Gaydar wearing nothing but a pair of old y-fronts..."
He's a funny old thing; an out Labour MP who trained for the priesthood and used to be a member of the Conservative Party.
But he did play a key role in getting Tony Blair to back down over the exemption for Catholic adoption agencies, so clearly he can't be all bad.
Anyway, Mr Bryant now has another claim to infamy.
He's had a live on air spat with Sky News presenter Kay Burley.
Bryant was being interviewed about the News of the World phone hacking story - he said it was "endemic" in the newspaper industry, citing a report by the Information Commissioner that identified 1,000 cases.
Burley asked him: "So you are in a position to have listened to the debate and read the report and as a result you are content to say that on telly."
Chris Bryant's reply: "I have just said that. You seem to be a bit dim, if you don't mind me saying so."

The whole thing is great fun to watch.
And through the magic of Sky Plus someone has managed to record it for posterity here.

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