Thursday, 16 September 2010

Closet Case: Times Columnist Comes Out

Over the summer The Times has been running a series of weekly online columns, Closet Case, where a journalist builds up to her coming out "after 15 years of pretence".
It was an interesting experiment for a newspaper to take on, and - I think - a first.
Anyway yesterday she revealed her identity; it was [drum roll...] Kathleen Wyatt - AKA The Times' travel editor.
"My girlfriend shook her head and laughed. “They know! Of course they all know.” What would I think if I had been working next to someone for years, someone who wasn’t touchy about being single, loud about being celibate or angry at the mention of relationships; someone who wasn’t a crusader or an obvious psychopath, yet didn’t mention any partners? In a flash of horror, I realised that she was right. My colleagues must have worked out ages ago that I was gay..."
Fagburn isn't too sure what this tells us about the workplace culture at The Times/News Corp.

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