Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Daily Mail: Hello Sailor!

The Daily Mail is ever so excited about the reissue of some saucy seaside postcards from Bamforth.
But Fagburn isn't quite sure what the joke is meant to be in this one they published on Mail Online.


  1. I think the "joke" is supposed to be that - as the only man amongst all those women - he has to satisfy all their sexual needs alone... which, presumably, is why he looks so exhausted. But finally a "relief man" has arrived.

    Not only is it not funny, it's also highly irresponsible, as the source of their next meal - not to mention the increasing lack of space - is obviously the most pressing issue for these people. Not sex.

    I've no sympathy for any of them.
    Apart from the woman in black, who is clearly a lesbian and devising a means of escape from these brain-dead breeders.

  2. The "man" on the raft is clearly meant to be a whoopsie gaylord, no?

  3. Ah, yes; that's the joke, isn't it?
    He'll have to service the "relief man" as well.

    Apologies, I'm a bit slower than usual today.

  4. If he had a speech bubble, it would say "Coo-ee!".