Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ed Miliband: Living In Sin

The Daily Mail is up in arms again.
'Ed Miliband becomes first British political leader of a major party to be living with his family out of wedlock.'
Actually even they didn't seem too convinced by this manufactured outrage.
"...the couple’s relaxed stance on marriage stands in contrast to David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s ultra-traditional set-up.
"It also reflects the changing attitude of voters; in past generations, being part of an unmarried couple would have been regarded as electoral suicide. Previous party leaders have either been married or, as with Edward Heath, resolutely single."
Funny Ted Heath never married, eh?
The Daily Mail's constant carping about Ed being unmarried is satirised in the new Private Eye who mocked up a front page; "'WHY WON'T ED GET MARRIED - Is he a poof? House prices plummet as Labour elect new leader.'
In The Times Carl Midgley writes; 'How many hoots could you give that Ed Miliband isn’t married to his long-term partner? I have checked my “bovvered” barometer repeatedly on this matter and never found it to be hovering much above zero. I have polled my friends, too — some married, some not, all over 35, most with children — and the general reaction has been the same. A quote from one of them probably sums it up best: “Nah — don’t give a rat’s rectum. More to worry about in life.”'


  1. does he support gay marriage?

  2. He has written saying he supports marriage equality and will campaign for it.

    He has a 100% voting records on gay rights at The Public Whip - but has only been an MP long enough to attend two LGBT votes...

  3. And today in The Guardian;

    Middle England Takes Unmarried Unbeliever Miliband In Its Stride

  4. I wonder if any readers can find any articles that may owe a debt to the one above?
    Tut tut...

  5. The Guardian asked 12 people of note; 'Unwed Ed - Does it matter?'