Thursday, 16 September 2010

Free Bradley Manning: International Days of Action

International Days of Action In Solidarity with Bradley Manning

Date: September 16-19
Location: Everywhere

'On September 16-19, groups and individuals will call on the United States government to drop the charges against Army Private First Class Bradley Manning. Twenty-two year old Manning, held in solitary confinement since May, has been charged with releasing classified documents including a video that shows American troops shooting and killing Reuters journalists in 2007. Manning’s imprisonment has resulted in an international outcry, with groups and activists throughout the US and abroad demanding his release and calling for transparency in America’s war policies.'

(Manning - the Wikileaks guy - is gay and there has been speculation that he leaked the documents partly out of anger at how the US military treated him and gay personnel in general. See 'True Heroism Merits No Punishment', Fagburn, July 2010).

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