Saturday, 18 September 2010

Gary Lineker TV Ad: It's Funny Cause It's "Gay"

The Daily Star takes a break from updates on the manufactured romance between Big Brother's Preston and Chantelle to inform its readers about a new ad for Walkers Crisps starring Gary Lineker; 'Gary Lineker Tackles Camp Moves For Ad'.
"GARY Lineker camps it up in his latest TV ad as he prances around to the Weather Girls’ hit and gay anthem It’s Raining Men.
"Wearing a tight vest and jeans, Gary is transformed into Billy Elliott for the new Walkers Crisps telly commercial.
"The former England striker is seen being coached by Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli, 54, before dancing in the middle of a heavy downpour."
Sounds hilarious, doesn't it?
The joke - one has to presume - is that the ex-footballer is dancing to a "gay anthem", whatever that is.
And he "camps it up", whatever that is.
And that Bruno Tonioli, he's a gayer.
For further proof - if indeed proof is needed - watch this clip from the recent unfunny movie spoof, Vampires Suck, where some screamingly and annoyingly gay vampires dance to... 'It's Raining Men'.
People actually get paid for coming up with this old crap, you know?


  1. Worried about accusations of homophobia?
    Get your director of marketing to feed made-up quotes to the gay press...

  2. LOL - you couldn't make it up with the pinkpaper... oh.. er... actually.. You could.

  3. BTW - how can people get in contact with you? You have an email?

  4. The email is in the profile thingy...