Thursday, 16 September 2010

George Michael: Full Made-Up Story And Pic

George Michael's first day in prison lovingly described and photomontaged [above, obviously] - only in The Sun!
"By 10am he was back in his cell. Lunch was from a menu the star had to pick from the night before - and was delivered to inmates who eat in their cells.
'The source said: "It was pretty basic stuff compared to the five-star fare he normally enjoys. The menu included mince, salads, sandwiches, hot food such as pasta - and, of course, chips with everything."
The Mirror had a slightly different account of his first day, with sadly no mention of what he may have had for lunch.
There appears to be some dispute over Mr Michael's breakfast cereal.
The Sun says he was offered a choice of muesli or Coco Pops.
The Mirror, cornflakes.
It's hard to know who to believe.

Update: "Cornflakes" - The Daily Mail.
Update: A "bucket of cornflakes" - Daily Express.
Update: In The Guardian, ex-Pentonville prisoner Erwin James signs off with; "Seeing the former Wham! singer queuing for porridge in the morning would be unforgettable." Though this may just be poetic licence.

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