Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Heat: This Week's Hottest Celebrity Hotties

As there is not much going on in the world of gay since we found out there are so few of them last week, Fagburn has picked up a copy of last week's Heat.
It's fluff, and proud of it - and still seems to be written by a bunch of queens.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Though some of the reviews section is terribly written.
Actually, the rest of it may be too - I just looked at the pictures.
Fagburn liked how a man wanting to read Heat was a signifier of being a gayer in a particularly funny episode of The IT Crowd, The Work Outing.
No wonder. It mainly consists of bitching about celebrities and printing photos of celebrity male "hotties".
Fagburn quite likes the idea of printing photos of celebrity male "hotties", so here is one of the lovely Corey Monteith.

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  1. Post more hotties!

    Preferably with less clothes on...
    Thank you.